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Lobby Signs
Design, Production and Installation


Arlington Custom Lobby Signs


Did you know that the first impression of your Arlington company is created within seconds after a visitor enters your premises? Well, you can ascertain that that impression is good by having an excellent storefront and exterior signage. These set the mood of your business and the lobby takes on the role of delivering that promise.

We offer a comprehensive selection of lobby signs including:

  • Metal lobby signage- Copper, aluminum, stainless steel and bronze in a polished or brushed finish.
  • Backlit Lobby signage- LED backlighting and Energy efficient
  • Acrylic Lobby Signage- Frosted etched glass look, either colored or acrylic
  • Wood Lobby Signage- Beveled, plain, or live edge with acrylic, vinyl or metal lettering.
  • Foam Lobby Signage- Faced with metal or acrylic to give a 3D effect
  • Cut Vinyl Signage- This is by far, the most economical and comes with an array of color options

In addition to sign manufacturing, we ideally offer installation services and we will include all the materials required to ascertain your lobby sign is well-secured.

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Logo Signs for the Lobby

Arlington Custom Lobby Signs lobby sign 2 1 300x225There is no denying that branding is essential when it comes to building your Arlington business identity. Having a strong and clear message that’s reinforced across your signage and marketing helps clients, both existing and potential know who you are in the industry. Logo lobby signs are a great way to lend your lobby a professional business look and it’s also a good way to impress your visitors and clients. Sign Company Arlington has numerous options when it comes to lobby signs that can create an impressive branding look.

Cohesive Business Signage Collection

Arlington Custom Lobby Signs lobby 5 300x140In addition to logo signs for the lobby, we can ideally create a comprehensive collection of cohesive business signage including vehicle wraps, storefront signs, window displays, and graphics as well as wayfinding signs. Our dedicated design team can help create the perfect collection for your company and will take your brand’s logo, colors, fonts and style into consideration when doing this. Appealing and cohesive signs show people that you’re professional, attentive to details and polished, which is what most people consider when choosing service providers.

Free Sign Consultation

We are a dedicated full-service signage company in Arlington that is willing to provide unrivaled services and support to all our clients. We look forward to establishing a long-term professional business relationship with you.

Call Sign Company Arlington today at (817) 769-7904 for a Free Consultation with a Lobby Sign Expert!