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Cedar Hill Monument Signs


As business competition toughens, you should be wiser about your marketing investment. So when it comes to your outdoor signs, invest in signage that will effortlessly attract new customers and leave a good, lasting first impression on your target market—such as our Cedar Hill monument signs!

Cedar Hill Monument Signs Monument Foam 300x183

Sign Company Arlington customizes every monument sign provided to customers and ensures that its design, fabrication, and installation processes are completed as meticulously and efficiently as possible. We will, of course, proceed with the customization while keeping your own design ideas, budget, and brand image in mind.

Rest assured, your business will benefit from the eye-catching designs of our monument signs and their premium materials that are made to last under different weather conditions. You can use them to display vital business details while giving your building a durable and attractive landmark.

From stand-alone businesses to multi-tenant commercial facilities, we guarantee a monument sign that will meet your advertising needs!

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An Impressive Entrance

Having a poorly designed entrance is a step closer to ensuring that you lose potential customers. You should always invest in high-quality outdoor business signs to increase your customer traffic by making your building look more professional and attractive than your competitors.

Cedar Hill Monument Signs monument sign outdoor 300x225Our Cedar Hill monument signs are among our best-selling signage for this specific purpose. Sign Company Arlington offers monument signs made out of different materials, including brick, stone, concrete, marble, and aluminum. Feel free to choose any material that suits your budget, brand image, and personal preference.

If your branding calls for an elegant, traditional look, you may choose to have your business name and other details carved directly onto your monument sign. If, however, you want to appear more modern, incorporating your signage with a digital panel will be a cost-efficient choice.

You can also utilize some LED lighting or your landscape spotlights to illuminate your monument sign and allow it to visibly advertise your business 24/7.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Aside from promoting stand-alone businesses along the road, monument signs can also advertise the multiple tenants housed within a commercial building.

Cedar Hill Monument Signs monument 4 300x214People can easily recognize the businesses/offices inside your building as you install the monument sign by the roadside, allowing it to display the name and other minor details about your tenants. This gives enough exposure even to those tenants located in the innermost part of your building.

Some of our most frequent clients for multi-tenant monument signs include malls, office buildings, and industrial parks. We usually use lightboxes, so the signs remain visible during nighttime and allow for non-stop advertising. You can also opt for digital displays that you could incorporate with rotating messages or animation.

Custom Signs For Every Budget

If you compare monument signs to other simple signage that you can hang on your storefront, the former is admittedly more costly. However, the investment is totally worth it and will give you a better return on investment in the long run.

Cedar Hill Monument Signs 2 64 300x214At Sign Company Arlington, you can always ensure that we will provide you with Cedar Hill monument signs at reasonable prices. We will use the most durable and attractive materials that fit your budget, making sure that your marketing needs are addressed without going beyond your budget range.

All you have to do is discuss how you want your monument sign to look and function, as well as how much you’re willing to spend at the maximum. You can get as specific as you want with the signage details or give us a general idea of your preference and allow our expert designers to finalize the customization details. Either way, we guarantee a monument sign that will give the best value to your signage investment!

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Cedar Hill Monument Signs arlington sign company logo 300x112For an eye-catching landmark that can promote your brand 24/7, acquire our Cedar Hill, TX monument sign and get ready to see a steady increase in your traffic for a long time. We only utilize the most cost-efficient materials, so you can rest assured that you’ll get a long-lasting sign that fits your budget.

Level up your entrance and attract more customers with our professional-looking monument sign today!

Call Sign Company Arlington today at (817) 769-7904 for a Free Consultation with an Cedar Hill Monument Sign expert!